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Transportation Planning and Coordination
The COG assists the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) in the long-range planning of transportation improvements in the region, including highway, public transit and other needs. The COG also prioritizes such needs and makes recommendations to SCDOT for funding of highway and transit projects. These activities are discussed below, along with links to important information about projects, the COG work program and related matters. Finally, reviewed at the end of this narrative are ways for local officials and the public to be involved in the planning process and voice concerns on transportation issues.

Highway and Other Transportation Planning:
Worthwhile transportation projects in the region are derived from a Long-Range Transportation Plan (LRP), prepared periodically by the COG. Critically important roadway widening and other improvements are identified in the LRP and the most critical projects are approved by the COG as part of the regional Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) and recommended to the SCDOT for inclusion in the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP). (The STIP is reviewed below.) The Long-Range Plan includes not only highways but also other modes of transportation, including issues related to airport, rail, seaport and public transportation. Useful background documents available for public review include:

o A copy of the most recent Pee Dee LRP can be accessed here.

o The COG Rural Transportation Work Program, describing transportation tasks planned by the COG during the current fiscal year can be reviewed here.

Transit Coordination:
Periodically, the COG helps prepare a regional Transit Coordination Plan, identifying public transit and inter-agency issues and developing regional guidelines for transit. The most recent transit-related Plan for the Pee Dee can be viewed by following the instructions below. In addition, access is provided below to the SCDOT Transit website. These transit-related documents and sites include:

o To view the Pee Dee Transit Coordination Plan, click here.

o To access transit-related program announcements and possible funding on the SCDOT website, click here.

STIP Development:
The COG assists SCDOT in the development and adoption of a seven-year Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) for the State. The STIP contains an accounting of federal highway funds approved by the SCDOT Commission for roadway improvements as well as certain public transit allocations. For highway projects to be included in the STIP, the COG must assess highway and public transit needs for the region (by means of the LRP discussed above) and make recommendations on critical projects for adoption into the STIP. Projects must be approved by the SCDOT Commission to be included in the STIP. The STIP is organized according to DOT District Offices. Pee Dee counties are in two DOT Districts, and information on the Pee Dee and neighboring counties can be accessed through the following links. (At each District site, the public can click on their county of interest for a county-specific listing of approved projects.) Links are as follows:

o Chesterfield County SCDOT District 4 - click here.

o Darlington, Dillon, Florence, Marion and Marlboro Counties SCDOT District 5 click here.

Transportation Improvement Program (TIP):
The COG TIP outlines the planning objectives, priority status and funding source for all projects scheduled for construction over a five-year period. The TIP is submitted to SCDOT for approval and inclusion in the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP). The STIP contains an accounting of federal highway funds approved by the SCDOT Commission for roadway improvements as well as certain public transit allocations. Click the links below to view the 2014 - 2019 TIP document:

o Click here to download as (Excel).

Planning for the Florence Urban Area:
Florence County undertakes transportation planning in the Florence urban area (FLATS area), with the COG managing the balance of the County. The FLATS urban area extends into Darlington County (and may change following the 2010 Census). For a link to the FLATS site and the listing of projects in the immediate Florence area, click here.

Other Public Information of Interest:
On occasion, the COG and the SCDOT have announcements on transportation initiatives or documents available for public review (on which public comments are welcome). Such public notices can be accessed here.
o PHN Request for Public Comments
o Pee Dee COG Program Funding Scenario

Public Comment?

Input on Transportation Issues:
Public comments are always welcome, whether related to broad transportation issues, roadway priorities or other related matters. Public participation in meetings and hearings are encouraged. Interested parties can:

Access the COG Public Participation Plan (PPP) that describes opportunities for the public to be involved. The Plan can be reviewed here.

Find out about scheduled hearings or other transportation initiatives, if any, related to transportation projects in the region here.

Comment on the Long-Range Plan, the STIP, roadway priorities, transit issues, PPP or any other matters by contacting us:

o Call us: 843.669.3138 Contact Levonne Powell

o E-mail us: @ either -
info@peedeecog.org or

o FAX us: @ 843.669.0511

o Write us: @: P. O. Box 5719
Florence, SC 29502