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Computer Mapping
Pee Dee Regional COG operates both an ACAD and GIS-based computer mapping and design system that supports planning, community development and engineering services provided by the Council.

The COG operates an AutoCAD computer drafting system in support of engineering and planning programs, including the production of detailed engineering drawings, planning and zoning maps, and community maps for chambers of commerce and local governments.

Pee Dee Regional COG also operates a Geographic Information System (GIS) including current economic analysis programs of the SC Department of Commerce (INSITE). The GIS system maintains computer files of water and sewer systems in the region, industry locations, industrial sites and other economic-related data useful in industrial and business development and economic planning. Most of these data files were developed through a cooperative effort of the COG and the SC Department of Commerce.

The COG also utilizes GPS satellite technology in geo-locating structures, services and facilities.